Ascendo The 15 Be Pro Passive On Wall


El altavoz axisimétrico de fuente puntual de 15″ ha sido diseñado como altavoz de pantalla para grandes salas de cine como altavoz izquierdo, central y derecho o puede utilizarse en salas de cine muy grandes como altavoz envolvente de cama. El 15 Be PRO PASSIVE es un sistema de altavoces musicales extremadamente impresionante y con un rendimiento extraordinario que no deja nada que desear. La tecnología de cruce pasivo de ASCENDO combinada con bobinas de núcleo de aire de cobre OFC de bobinado plano de la más alta calidad y condensadores plateados funcionan en combinación con el diseño del gabinete y del controlador coaxial para brindar una respuesta de impulso ultraprecisa e increíblemente rápida.

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The 15″ point source axi-symmetric speaker has been designed as screen speaker for large theaters as left, center and right speaker or can be used for very large theaters as a surround bed speaker. The 15 Be PRO PASSIVE is an extremely impressive and extraordinary performing musical speaker system, that leaves nothing to be desired. ASCENDO’s passive crossover technology paired with highest grade flat wound OFC copper air core coils and silver capacitors work in combination with the enclosure and coaxial driver design to deliver ultra-precise and incredibly fast impulse response.

Each channel of The15 Be PRO PASSIVE is capable of incredible SPL levels, but also the more impressive dynamic contrasts from whispering dialogues to explosive effects. The volume ranges your home theatre speakers need to be able to handle without audible distortion is huge, especially if you look for a reference level director’s cut performance – this level difference from softest to loudest sounds is called ‘dynamic range’. The The15 Be PRO PASSIVE reproduces every possible dynamic range with ease. Even the most complex film passages with extreme dynamic requirements are reproduced at the highest clarity and lowest distortion. Imagine a life-like drum solo rendered exactly to the point by hearing and feeling the tremendous dynamic leaps of a bass drum and snare, while at the same time the humming of the cymbals fading away airily into the dark silence of the room giving way to the tiniest fine details.

This very precision lets the listener immerse entirely into the direct and intense visual action. Whether film or music – this sonic experience is not distinguishable from reality anymore. The expertly engineered Beryllium compression tweeter is centrically arranged in the back of the 15-inch mid-woofer unit. In concert with the passive crossover, their results merge perfectly and allow for a time and phase-coherent lifelike reproduction of all acoustic events with reference level in every seat. The brain can therefore relax and stop trying to process the timing and phase errors far too common in other speaker designs.